Energy Savings made easy through Better Building Controls

For Total Energy Connections, Automating Green is more than a philosophy it is a mission.  By gaining more control of energy consuming business systems, we can reduce energy consumption by 30-50%.  This means more green for both the environment and your bottom line.

Introducing Autani

Total Energy Connections has partnered with Autani, a Building Automation Provider with a track record for helping businesses reduce energy costs.  The Autani system allows us to help our client companies become even more efficient in controlling energy consuming systems. Autani’s key automation platform, EnergyCenter, connects Metering, HVAC, Lighting, Refrigeration, and Sensors to control, verify, and monitor energy consumption.

The system includes flexible installation options that include wired or wireless options to meet the unique needs of each business.

Energy Center

Built to be scalable EnergyCenter is the foundation of your building automation platform.  This application, accessible via desktop or smart device, controls  the mission critical assets running your building.   You can start with a single application like lighting and then expand the system to control metering, refrigeration, and HVAC at a later date.

Additionally, Autani allows you to manage multiple locations from a single web-based console.  The Portfolio Manager is a single web application that allows you to aggregate multiple EnergyCenters in one application for configuration and management.  This not only results in energy savings, but for many multi-site building owners allows them to save on personnel, travel, and maintenance costs.


Easy to install

Installations costs are kept to a minimum when deployed wirelessly.  Wireless installation also cuts down on installation time vs. many competing systems. This allows you to start saving sooner.  For most customers payback on the system is less than three years.

Easy to Learn and Use

Learn how to manage your system in days vs. weeks. The platform collects massive amounts of data and filters it down to the meaningful measures you need. These data points then drive the decision your need to make to help you reduce consumption and drive energy savings.


Autani’s products are designed to make adding new services quick and easy. EnergyCenter lets you start with a single building, floor, or service and then expand your energy footprint over time.  Software updates keeps your system current, addressing and meeting the new trends and services in the marketplace.

Near Universal Compatibility

The EnergyCenter platform has been designed to integrate with almost any type or brand of building control equipment.   All that is needed is an analog, digital or contact/closure interface and you are good to go.

Full-service solutions

Autani provides a full suite of energy-saving solutions beyond automation.  Autani can provide high-efficiency lighting products and services.  Couple those with Total Energy Connection’s audit and design/build capabilities and you can create a winning solution that drives down energy consumption and cost.

An American company

Autani products are manufactured or assembled in the USA in accordance with ISO 900 standards. Additionally, all products are ARRA compliant.